• The members of our club undertake the preparation of financial projects in collaboration with VRS (Valuation & Research Specialists), which are subsequently published on international financial platforms, including Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Research Pool & FactSet. 

Project Categories

ForEx Analysis

Examination of the exchange rate path using fundamental and technical analysis.

Technical Analysis

Examination of the course of a company's stock or a commodity’s by using fundamental and technical analysis.

Flash Notes

Financial Analysis of the economical statements of the company under consideration.

Corporate Deals

Registration of corporate agreements related to the Greek market

Ανάλυση Ελληνικών Τραπεζών

Exploring Dairy Products

  • Finance Club UoM in collaboration with the Milk Industry KRI-KRI S.A. completed the research in dairy products through fundamental and technical analysis regarding the period from April 2019 to April 2020. In addition, the project contains shortly the impact of Covid-19 on the shares of dairy industries worldwide.

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Management Research (ESG Factors)

  • Finance Club UoM in partnership with the Parity Platform and supported by H.I.I.N. proceeded with the analysis of the above factors and their influence on the financial position of companies, through examples of Greek and foreign companies.

FAQ (Projects)

What level of English do I need to have to undertake a study? 

It is useful for the candidate to have a sufficient level of English to make it easier for them to find the information they need to study. However, the level of English doesn’t necessarily need to be high, nor does the stupid need to be of a Proficiency level, as the vocabulary and the writing skills are specific and are communicated to each group when undertaking a financial study.


What is the level of academic knowledge I need to have to undertake a study, and the degree of difficulty that we have to deal with when participating in a project?

Depending on the category of the project, participants will need to have some basic accounting or financial knowledge, as well as a willingness to acquire new knowledge in order to conduct the study. However, this is not mandatory, as detailed financial guides are provided when preparing a financial study, and there are coordinators who can further explain whatever is needed.


How exactly does the team work?

After the selection of the individuals who will undertake the study, a detailed presentation is given, as to offer initial instructions for completing the study and the groups begin the study under the guidance of their coordinators.


 And what are the criteria by which one is selected to undertake a project? 

There are no specific criteria for selecting an individual, except that in times of many applications, priority is given to people from older semesters as they are one step closer to earning a degree and in the job market. However, those who may not be selected are given priority in the next round of applications.


What do I get if I do such a study?

Dealing with a financial study provides participants with a great deal of knowledge about how the market works, while giving them the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge in to practice and to enhance it with techniques deemed necessary and useful in the job market. At the same time, the preparation and publication of the study may be included in the resume of the participants.


What is the time frame for a project and how much time should I devote to it?

Usually the time involved in preparing a study is 3 weeks, and there are projects that cover a longer period, such as corporate deals, which are done on an annual basis. The time the participants have to devote is not specific, however, an everyday involvement is ideal (about 2-3 hours a day) in order to get a good result at the end.