Blog Team

Are you interested in writing articles on financial issues?

Finance Club UoM is creating its own Blog, where articles regarding financial and economic issues will be uploaded and you can be a member of the writing team!

blog team

The columnists will be able to develop their knowledge, get familiar with the process of research and study, improve their writing skills and publish the results of their work.

People with or without any writing experience will be given the opportunity to participate, as long as they constitute members of our club or they are willing to become.

Along with your application you have to submit an excerpt of a previous work of yours about 200-300 words.

However, in case you have not dealt with the subject, you can make a summary of 200-300 words from an article/report related to the topic of the Blog.

The deadline to apply for the Finance Club UoM Blog/Article team is 20/12 at the following link: