What do older members have to say about us

Personal development, professional experience, networking. Through my participation in the Finance Club I was able to develop technical and non-technical skills,to get in touch with other students with common goals, interests and ambitions and to gain practical knowledge directly related to the job market.These are knowledge, skills and contacts that have undoubtedly contributed to my later career.My initial involvement lies in my deep belief in the contribution of the project to the financial education of young people, and in its potential to bridge the gap between university and the job market, providing knowledge and skills directly linked to the modern business needs.
Zisis Psallidas
Supervisor of academic affairs 2017-2018
Being one of the first three founding members, the Finance Club was the opportunity and the reason to come together and meet people with common interests and goals. Initiating, engaging in activities with a scientific and social impact and taking on positions of responsibility are characteristics vital to the job market.The expansion of the Club year by year creates a network of people in many countries and sectors with a common starting point that can help, advise on specific situations and create new career prospects.
George Panozahos
My role at the Finance Club, firstly as a member, and secondly as a project coordinator has contributed to my personal development to a professional, with team spirit, communication skills and confidence, equipped with practical and useful knowledge for my subsequent career in the field of Finance.
Elisavet Ioannidou
Member of the group of coordinators 2018-2019
The most important function of the Finance Club is that it leads its members to bridge the gap between sterile academic knowledge, to the extent that is does still exist, with their professional rehabilitation. How is this done? By personally searching and researching in the context of an action, by sharing knowledge and information among members, and especially by contacting professionals in the field who can illuminate, if not open, the path towards a career in Finance.
Alexandros Tselekidis
Throughout my second year in office I was able to acquire important professional skills in the coordination and management of people and organizations, which also equipped me in the early stages of my job search and in seeking important internships (Hellenic Petroleum, EURB ). At the same time through the club meetings, I gained insights into the real economy that filled the gap between university and market.
Zafeiris Sidiropoulos
President of the Finance Club 2016 - 2017
The Finance Club was founded with the aim of informing and initiating the students of the University of Macedonia in the field of Finance and furthermore of economics. But its character remains that of a large company, through which students will recognize the various opportunities to discover their place in the business world.
Konstantinos Tentzerakis
Charter Member
Finance Club UoM for me is not just a student group but something more. My participation in this student body has taught me a lot. It has provided me with knowledge of the subject of my studies and more generally of the then global news through my participation in projects, conferences and workshops and clearly through the social media team regarding the field of information.The part of communication and collaboration has greatly developed while there has been a great deal of change and improvement in many more of the soft skills that all people have or need to have. This was undoubtedly helped by the various actions that had been organized, the promotion at various events and all that I mentioned earlier. However, Finance Club UoM has been an intersection point of my career, as at Career Paths and on one of our company visits I got in touch and learned a lot about the profession I am currently choosing and the company I am currently working in.
Sofia Papakanaki
Member of the Marketing Team 2018 - 2019