Team Marketing

What does the Marketing Team do?

The Marketing Team plays an important role in the progress and the development of the Association, as the main concern of this team is the proper promotion of the club in the academic community and job market, with a principal goal of its continually improvement and the promotion of its brand name. 

The Marketing Team consists of 5 specific sub-groups:


Τhey are responsible for the promotion of the club and its activities in events (promo-events), such as I.U.F., Q.S., T.I.F. Helexpo, Job Festival, etc. , as well as for finding places to organize our social events.

Social Media

It is the responsible team for the management of the club's social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), by posting specific weekly posts in each account separately.

Graphic Design

They design photos for the events of the club, as well as its brochure, and any other medium, which requires the graphic part for the club’s promotion (e.g. poster), using a special program (Graphic Designer).

E-mail Marketing

They manage the club’s database (e-mail addresses of our members and of the participants of our events, who have accepted the GDPR privacy policy) and they compose and send newsletters and informational e-mails, as well as certificates, after each event.

Information Technology

It is the responsible team for the management and the update of the club’s website.He also deals with troubleshooting and problems that may arise, regarding the website.