Academic Team

The Academic Team has the most direct contact with scientific projects and real case studies. The members of this team have the opportunity to interact daily with the developments of the economy and the news of greek and foreign companies. 


The Academic Team consists of the sub-groups below:

Project Coordinators

They are responsible for coordinating the teams that undertake a project so that they can do it smoothly and correctly, helping them along the way throughout the completion of the study and answering any questions they may have. 


Snapshots Team

It is the responsible team for the writing of the snapshot (Weekly Market Outlook Snapshot), which depicts the insight both of the greek and foreign market. The team highlights the latest and most important news in the two markets and then they write the recent affairs, which mainly refer to macroeconomic news. The snapshot is published on our LinkedIn page, after the appropriate communication with the Social Media sub-group of the Marketing team.