Closed Events

By "closed" we mean events only members of the Finance Club UoM can attend.



Members of the Finance Club UoM were able to learn how to customize their resume properly, what they needed to avoid, and how to make their resume stand out in 6 seconds!

Through this workshop, participants were able to learn how to make good use of LinkedIn and what its functions are, so they can network, grow and succeed in the job search process. 

Detailed presentation of the key assumptions of technical analysis, as well as some indicators, with the active participation of the members.

The concept of behavioral finance, which combines economics and psychology, was analyzed. At the same time, its effects on citizens' financial choices were analyzed as well.

Participants had the opportunity to understand blockchain's help in linking finance and environmental science, two sciences that seem fundamentally opposing.

This seminar was held in collaboration with Cosmos Blockchain Capital Ltd. , with the central theme of the concept of cryptocurrency, while participants had the opportunity to learn how to use it to their advantage.